How Mentorship Has Increased My Business

Ever heard the phrase, “You gotta spend money to make money“? Before I was an entrepreneur, I hated that phrase. It felt so slimy. Now that I’m 5 years in? I laugh at how true it is. It’s essentially describing what mentorship is – an invaluable investment in yourself. 

As a business owner, I’ve experienced firsthand how a mentor can transform not just your business, but also your personal growth and mindset. (Like truly, ya girl was balling going over my old goals and notes to prep for this blog!)

If you’re thinking about mentorship, read this first! It may have the answers you’re looking for.

I’m going to dive into what types of mentorship I’ve invested in and how each has helped me increase my business. 

Taking The First Leap – Group Coaching

In 2019, I dipped my toes into mentorship by joining a group coaching program. That group of women changed my life for the better. That program gave me accountability and a close-knit community of entrepreneurial women. I had never had that before. Before them, entrepreneurship was LONELY. Fast forward to today, and I am still in touch with many of these wonderful women. Their friendships are as pivotal as the skills I learned during our sessions.

My Mentorship ROI

Having a coach gave me the push and knowledge needed to stop playing small. It empowered me to raise my prices, which increased my revenue significantly. The extra money I earned allowed me to reinvest in my business. I hired an SEO and blog specialist, started saving for the future Pompy Portraits Studio, and attended educational conferences. 

On top of the monetary gain, mentorship reshaped how I viewed my business. It taught me to be intentional and have a strategy in every step I take. It turned me into a numbers girly! I started paying attention to the analytics behind everything. For example, last year I knew God was calling me to niche down away from newborn photos, and guess what?! The numbers showed me exactly why I was feeling that way. I spent way more time on newborn sessions, and the ROI was the lowest in my business. 

Another stat mentorship taught me was to look at my Cost of Doing Business. Before, I didn’t know how much I was spending or making. I didn’t know if what I was charging was enough. Now, I know to the penny, and that helps me know if I am meeting my goal and if/I need to pivot to inject cash quickly.

The Next Leap – In-Person Retreats

You’d think my self-investment would stop there but it didn’t. After doing group coaching, private coaching, and marketing hires I ventured into retreats. And let me tell you, babe, there is NOTHING like an in-person retreat to transform your business and confidence. They are so powerful! Actually, I think retreats are a mentorship form that doesn’t get talked about enough. The magic that happens when you step away from the daily grind and hyper-focus on your business with peers is transformative. Unlike online summits and events, in-person retreats allow for deeper personal connections and a shared energy that leaves you inspired and ready to take bold actions. 

Just look at the photos from my in-person mastermind retreat hosted last month. Those ladies were on fire. If you want a mastermind + retreat experience, consider joining my 2025 Scaled to Success waitlist!

Is Mentorship Worth It?

Ultimately, investing in mentorship has increased my revenue and helped me create a business that aligns with my lifestyle. I work less and earn more. With my extra time, I’ve traveled the world with my husband. I’ve even created a membership community of my own, Business Church, launching next month that teaches marketing strategies to creative female entrepreneurs without the high costs of one-on-one coaching. 

For me, it’s all about community! I want women to find a safe group just like I did 5 years ago.

If you’re on the fence about hiring a mentor, I say DO IT QUEEN! Find the right fit. Write down your big goals. Put in the work. And then watch yourself be the next one crying like a baby looking back on your “big goals” that you achieved.

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