What if you could have a repeatable blueprint to generate $5k, $10k, and $20k from high-profit mini sessions every time?

I'd say sign me up!

 while avoiding stressful burnout


Mastering Your Minis is the proven                      for photographers ready to make thousands offering mini sessions.

You'll walk away with...

Proven systems to fully book your mini sessions (even if you've never done it before!)

How to throw high-profit, low-quantity minis that increase your wealth, not stress

Marketing strategies to confidently create hype weeks before you open the doors to sign up

All the templates and planning tools you need to save you time

With Over 18 Lessons Of Mini Session Mentoring

that's what i want

You know what? Don't even feel bad if you've tried & failed to make much $$ in the past from minis.

If you don't have clients knocking down the door to fill your session slots, then it's time we fix that. You don't have a bad theme, you have a messaging problem. (And maybe a workflow problem.) Mini sessions are meant to be a quick cash injection into your bank. 

How Fast Do Your Mini Sessions Fill Up?

if you're not sure you need this, let me ask you...

(That's a big HELL NO, here!)

The only way to make money using their methods is quantity, because they want you to price sessions so cheaply you have to run yourself ragged to make $$ 


(But ya girl was new + broke!)

Their copy+paste strategies banked on selling to former clients and paid ads ONLY.


After purchasing my fair share of courses and binging free content from mini sessions experts, I finally realized 2 things:

Last month, 50% of my mini session slots sold out from 1 email. The rest filled up in just a couple days on social media because of the marketing plan I'll teach you inside MYM.

This blueprint works! It's easy to understand and implement, no matter how new you are to offering minis. Just ask Camilla!

1. With no ads

2. priced for profit (not quantity!)

3. With an easy, repeatable system That makes selling feel easy

I ditched everything I learned and created a 5-step framework to run my minis how I wanted.

When i finally wised up...

Camilla | Motherhood Photographer

"I’ve been wanting to offer mini sessions for my clients but couldn’t figure out how to do it and make it profitable. During the workshop, all the questions I had were answered and I’m looking forward to offering mini-sessions for my clients this year."

Straight from MYM students

You'll get lifetime access to:

4 bite-sized modules that provide you with an A-Z roadmap to plan, promote, and sell-out your mini sessions (18+ video lessons)

Including a course workbook to help you breakdown the 5-step framework for planning, marketing, organizing, and post-session sales strategies

Templates to market your minis and prepare your clients for the session

Access to the exclusive, inner circle Facebook group where our students hang out for accountability, support, and connection

Over $750 of bonuses FOR FREE!

When you join mastering Your minis...

You get everything needed to generate $5k, $10k, or $20k mini sessions FAST

Yes, that's what i want

 of what's inside...

sneak peak

Here's a

Uncover the secrets to high-profit mini sessions

The Training You Wanted, The Framework You

module 1

instead of guesswork, you're about to become a pro at planning everything out.

First, you'll learn what mini sessions are and how to differentiate them from your full-session offers. (For my new-to-mini Queens!)

No more chaos + delays. Next, you'll jump straight into planning your perfect session, including how to sus out the best theme and structure your day-of using my proven method.

Finally,  set yourself up to be profitable using the Plug-N-Play Profit Calculator to ensure your session and galleries are priced so you reap the benefits (+cash). Establish your upsells to increase your average profit per customer.


This module includes 4 lessons, an intuitive bonus calculator to help you price your minis, and a bonus planning guide that makes the planning your BIG mini moves EASY.

Creating Ease & Automation

module 2

Set up your seamless booking system to make your minis an easy 'yasss'.

Your customers want to work even less than you! Eliminate friction in the booking process with my secrets to setting up a seamless booking system.

Make it easy to get paid. Setup the workflows and reminders to take payments and upsells.

You're too booked and busy to contact each client. I'll walk you through the best workflow to automate communication, including what you need to provide to prep your clients for the session. (Cuz you're not about to do a jump scare when clients walk in the door!)

This module includes 2 lessons, recommended free and paid tech options to automate your booking process, and a walkthrough to set up your new mini session client communication workflow quickly and easily. 

Bonus items:

Snag-N-Go email scripts to use for all your future minis and a customizable client prep guide to get photos you and your client love every time.

i want in

This module includes 5 lessons breaking down each step of planning, creating, and promoting your mini session marketing. Including recommended free and paid software, because we're bougie on a budget!

Steal my 6-week proven marketing playbook that explains exactly what, when, and how to post to drive hype. You'll be able to use it again and again.

Bonus items:

Finally,  you'll learn exactly what to say on your promo landing page and in your email list to hook your audience. I'll walk you through the setup if you don't have an email list yet.

You'll learn my secret to creating the marketing material needed to promote any mini session theme...ever! This creates hype and makes people willing to pay whatever price you set.

Instead of keeping your minis offer under wraps, you'll learn how to create hype among your audience weeks in advance.

now that your minis offer is ready, it's time to hype it up in a way that has people begging for a spot.

Hook Your Client with a "take my money" Marketing Plan

module 3

This module includes 2 lessons breaking down exactly how to conduct seamless session days, prevent delays, and work around real-life situations so you are not left stressed and strapped for time.

You'll have to keep scrolling to find out! This must-grab bonus will help you truly understand how to structure your day.

Bonus items:

Then, you'll learn the art of 'surprise and delight' to uplevel your client experience and pave the way to your upsell.

Understanding and doing are two different things. I'll train you to have seamless session days - through setup, how to communicate with your clients during and after you pick up the camera.

time to pur your planning to work. it's all about how to run successful, on-time minis that wow.

Mastering the Art of a Seamless Session Day

module 4

This module includes 3 lessons breaking down virtual IPS reveals, gallery delivery, and getting the reviews you need to hook future clients.

Once the cash is on the table, you'll learn to encourage rave reviews and reflect on the overall experience.

Even if you have not mastered In-Person Sales (IPS) with your full sessions, you'll learn how to host virtual IPS reveals that blow your clients away and watch your sales stack up.

use virtual ips to create amazing reveals that lead to upsells and forever fans

Expand your income with picture-perfect photo delivery

module 5

($147  value)

Flodesk Mini Course & waitlist Setup

($ 97 value)

($47 value)

Plug-N-Play Pricing Calculator

($125 value)

6-Week Marketing playbook

($47 value)

Customizable Client Prep Guide

($99  value)

Mini Session Email templates & workflow

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Your Mini Session Workbook

Your MYM course purchase comes with over $750 of templates, guides, and a full-on marketing playbook FOR FREE!

Now, about those bonuses!

Plus, a special bonus!

Go BTS with me during a              mini session

The MYM framework isn't just something I pulled out of thin air. It's the exact framework I use to book 5-figure mini sessions (after years of trial and error). This is how I plan, price, promote, and organize my own mini sessions. What better way to understand how to take the lessons from workbook to reality than to see the MYM framework in action - IRL!

($197  value)


Over $750 In Extras...For Free?

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You'll be more confident in launching your minis! No more getting lost and overwhelmed again, Queen. You'll finally know how it actually works behind the scenes.

Just follow my proven Minis-framework, my fully customizable templates...Hell, I'll even take you BTS of how I run my own sessions! (SPOILER...it's exactly what I teach in the course!)

You got this, babe. You will be able to keep up every step of the way.

Want to know the best part?

Nothing is more frustrating than spending tons of time conceptualizing and marketing a new minis offer… only to get two or three sales.

If you're going to put in the work, or hell - if you really need the extra cash - then you want to see your phone blowin’ up with notifications from people scurrying to pay you.

And you don't want to kill yourself to 'make it work' through delays, emails back and forth, and no knowledge of how to upsell.

If that sounds a little too familiar, it's because it's a true story. That was my reality a few years ago when ya girl just needed the extra cash to prove making the jump to full-time was viable and I was hustling every day to make it work.

Don't put yourself through that headache. (Speaking from experience, ok?!)

Join me inside MYM so I can teach you how to ensure your phone works overtime to keep up with your mini session bookings.

You're too talented (and too busy) to stay stuck offering  low-cost, slow-selling sessions that don't make you jump with joy.


xo, Angelica

Yes, I'm ready!

So straight to the point and she only gives strategy-based information which I love. She is full of knowledge about running a business and just based on her presentation and how she interacts with her attendees, it’s very obvious that she really cares and wants to see other business owners succeed! Thank you Angelica!

"I definitely HANDS DOWN 110% recommend this course to any and everybody."

"The most important takeaway I learned was to show up! "

I am so thankful to have an educator like Angelica in my community!

Ariana | Family Photographer

 I made serious gains with marketing strategy and booked four sessions directly from Instagram! Angelica’s community-over-competition culture, magnetic vibes, and wealth of knowledge make her an asset for any creative looking to grow their business and thrive!

Angelica’s workshops have been business bloomers for me!

Kylie | Couples Photographer

join these badasses & master your minis!


I'm so in!

  • 18+ lessons and video content
  • Lifetime access + updates
  • Self-paced lessons
  • Course workbook
  • Behind-the-scenes of my mini session
  • Exclusive Facebook community
  • Bonus content ($750+ value)

one payment

best value!

How much does it all cost?

My first mini session launch was a total flop. I took all the gurus advice to charge under $200 a session. I worked my butt of hustling those slots on social media, followed all the top photographers' advice on marketing, and at the end of the day...ya girl made $500 bucks. 

Not exactly Oprah money.

With tweaks, re-launches, and measuring what worked I was able to master my minis by the end of the next year. I taught myself how to turn minis into an irresistible offer that sells in days. My last mini session launch was another 5-figure launch, and I just know 2018 Angelica would be thrilled!


trust me

Meet your Minis Queeen, Angelica

It's time to feel thrilled when you tally up your profit too!

Here's another little                  :

Whether you've been in business a short while or you're a seasoned pro...whether you've been too intimaidated to run your own mini session or too jaded by a minis-flop...

You can’t continue swapping time for a couple hundred dollars. It’s time to learn how to fit low-quantity, high-profit offers and upsells into your business model, and finally STOP giving away your valuable galleries.

Mastering Your Minis will help you work smarter, not MORE to make $5k, $10k, or $20k in your next mini session. It walks you through all the steps from planning to upselling your gallery.


A: You can reach out to my team and I directly at hello @ angelicapompy.com and we'll be happy to answer any Qs you have!

Q: I have more questions. Who can I contact?

A: Well, you'll need a computer or cell phone and access to the internet to watch all the lessons and content in your private student portal. You can customize thhe templates with a free Canva accounts. Other than that, the course is designed for photographers with the understanding that you already know how to use a DSLR camera. You may choose to purchase some backgrounds or props for your minis, but it's not required and many photographers don't use any props at all!

Q: What equipment or prior knowledge will I need to access the course and templates?

A: Forever, Queen! You can even download the lessons onto your computer and save the templates into your free Canva account.

Q: How long will I have access to the lessons and templates?

A: You don't need a large audience or email list to take the course. You don't need to be a marketing pro to take this course. I've included a 6-week marketing plan to tell you what to post on social media and when to send an email. But you should start to engage your audience and email list, because it will be easier for you to sell your full services and minis. Let this be your kickstart and check out my articles on how to succeed on Instagram as a photographer too!

Q: I don't have a large (or active) audience and email list yet.  Do I need that to be successful in this course?

A: Yes! Mastering Your Minis is a skill, not a milestone. The course comes with templates, workflows, session structure guidance, pricing guidance, accountability, and support. If you're not yet making the money you want from mini sessions, you can still find great value.

Q: I've been a full-time photographer for a while. Will I still find value?

A: Yes! My MYM framework works for all-levels, especially new photographers.

Q: I am a new photographer and have never done minis. Will this work for me?

Find Your Answers Here...

Lingering questions?


I'm so in!

one payment

Ready to run profitable minis?

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You are just one step away from gaining the power to generate $5k, $10k, $20k+ from mini sessions....whenever you want!

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