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Sprout Studio Gallery Review

Having a seamless gallery delivery experience is a must for any photographer. When I used Dubsado as my CRM, it didn’t have a built-in gallery delivery. I had to rely on Pixiset. It was good but the prices kept increasing, which set me off on a mission to find a better (more affordable) alternative.

Cue Sprout Studio CRM + Gallery Delivery System!

Earlier this year I reviewed Sprout Studio overall, but today I wanted to share how much just the gallery alone has helped me grow my business. 

Sprout Studio Online Photo Gallery Review 

Easy To Use

One of the most important features of a gallery delivery system is – it’s got to be easy to use. Not only do you want something that is simple for you, but you also have to think about your clients. Most clients aren’t tech-savvy. (Heck, some days I don’t feel tech-savvy either.) You want the client to have a good experience when viewing and selecting their images.

Sprout Studio does that! Since it is also your CRM, your client’s gallery will be connected to their client profile. This makes it easy to stay organized. Once you’re in the gallery, it’s easy to set up and share. Each gallery gets a unique link. Clients can view, share, select their favorite photos, download, and even purchase.

Sprout Studio Gallery Delivery System for Photographers

The Gallery Controls

Another feature I love about Sprout Studio is that it lets you manage every aspect of how clients view and have access to your images. From a settings sidebar, you can set expiration dates on the gallery, add watermarks, connect it to your print shop, add coupons to use as print credit, and more. 

Sprout Studio Gallery Delivery System Review

My favorite control settings are the gallery design options. Let’s be honest, it sucks to have to scroll endlessly through large photo galleries. After a while – they all blur together. Not with Sprout Studio! You can choose from different layouts and create subfolders within the gallery. The subfolders come in handy for wedding photographers who need to separate large galleries into categories, like getting ready, the ceremony, and the reception. I wish I had it around back when I did maternity and newborns so I could have one gallery for Mamas.

The Best Gallery Settings in Sprout Studio:

  • Expiration on gallery
  • Subfolders
  • Add Watermark
  • Connect print shop
  • Add coupons (print credit)
Sprout Studio Photography Gallery Delivery Reviews

Gallery Automation & Reminders

Y’all, let’s talk about these gallery workflow automations! I promise you, it’s the best part about the gallery delivery yet. If you read my last blog breaking down why I switched to Sprout Studio, you know that the virtual automation Assistant is one of my favorite tools. The Assistant is an incredibly advanced email workflow system, designed to take care of all the reminders we need as photographers. Being a photographer leaves us with too many moving pieces to worry about sending reminders or onboarding every client manually. And let me tell you, ya girl needs automation to pick up some of the slack. 

Expiration Reminder & Abandoned Cart

Sprout Studio’s gallery Assistant is hooked into an Activity Feed that keeps track of expiration dates and what your client’s been up to in the gallery. It gives you reminder options to set up to gently nudge people who need it. If you’re like me and your galleries have expiration dates, you can set up reminders to tell clients their gallery is about to expire 3 days prior and encourage them to make a purchase. Similarly, it has an abandoned cart reminder for when clients put an image in their cart but forget to check out. The email reminds them of what photos they wanted, prompting them to hurry up and purchase.

This feature alone has changed my business! It’s been able to light small fires under clients who have been putting off purchasing. I’ve been able to collect a lot more sales with this automated reminder system, and I can only imagine how helpful it could be to you.

What’s my final review of Sprout Studio’s Gallery?

Now that I’m nine months in, I can honestly say the transition to Sprout Studio from Dubsado + Pixieset has been so worth it. The backend user interface is easy to use and gives you as many, or more controls than I ever had with Pixiset.

My clients love how easy it is to download their images and show off their galleries to friends and family. From a business perspective, you can’t beat the forward-thinking automation options it provides. Because Sprout Studio keeps on top of my clients for me and makes it easier for them to remember, I’ve also been able to increase digital image sales this year.

So, what’s my final review? I’m keeping her! If you’re interested in Sprout Studio, watch my video Sprout Studio playlist here to see the backend and you can use my code for 20% off. 


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