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Why I made the shift to photography business coach

You may recognize me from Pompy Portraits, or this may be the first time you’re meeting me. Either way, let me you a little bit about me – Angelica Pompy. I went from working for a local senior portraits studio in Jacksonville to becoming a full-time photographer running a successful 6-figure business for the last five years. I have been a photographer for over a decade with experience in weddings, portraits, seniors, headshots, maternity, and boudoir. Never in a million years would I have thought my business would grow so quickly; I’m so grateful!

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Why did I decide to become a photography business coach?

Over the last few years, I realized there was a lack of resources in the photography industry. When I started to think about the Jacksonville photography community, I noticed that there are a lot of photographers, but none of them know about one another and aren’t connected. As I began my search of resources and tools available that were free or at a low cost, there weren’t many options. So I sat down and thought to myself what resources, information, and tools I wish I had in my early years of starting my photography business. As I began to make a list, most of the topics that came to mind were business-related, not how to be a better photographer. To have a successful business, you must have a strong business foundation with policies, procedures, workflows, and operations to make a photography hobby to an actual career.

Creating workflows, business strategies, and marketing tactics are all things I can get so nerdy about and talk about for days because they are things that have helped my business go to the next level! In order to see the change I wanted to see in the photography industry, I told myself I would be the change which is how Angelica Pompy Education was born. Here are the main reasons why I wanted to start this education sector of my business!

Photographer Business Coach Angelica Pompy

I’m passionate about teaching

Educating others allows me to share my skills, techniques, and insights with aspiring photographers. I will be able to help them develop their own artistic and technical abilities. I want photographers to learn from my mistakes to save time and money.

My area of expertise is teaching photographers how to build a profitable photography business through systems and strategy. I can geek out about automation, content planning, and efficiency with software. My absolute favorite topic to teach is marketing because it played a huge role in the success of my photography business, Pompy Portraits. Because of my marketing efforts for my photography business, I have built a name for myself in the Jacksonville community and a strong brand presence. When people see my gold and black brand colors, it automatically makes them think of Pompy Portraits.

Photographer Meetup in Jacksonville, FL

To build a community

I truly believe in community over competition. I will shout this from the rooftops because I believe there is enough work out here for all of us to win. Building a community allows photographers to collaborate, exchange ideas, and learn from one another. Photographers can share experiences, techniques, and feedback by fostering a supportive environment, leading to personal and professional growth. I have built two communities, one online (on YouTube and Instagram) and the other in-person in Jacksonville.

My online community is where I connect with photographers worldwide and show up authentically with knowledge for others. I like to call myself your personal cheerleader that will be in your corner cheering you on in your DMs to celebrate big or small wins. On social media, I show the good, the bad, and the ugly of entrepreneurship as a photography studio owner. I like to share content that is relatable and real. I keep it 100 on social media, and my people love it because they know they aren’t alone in this journey as a photographer and a business owner. The online community I have built has landed me with speaking opportunities for conferences and events.

For the local community of photographers in Jacksonville, I host a workshop once a month on a specific topic. These workshops are completely free for photographers to attend. We usually begin with an icebreaker or networking activity because I think it is so important to connect with your community. This gives everyone a chance to warm up with each other and get comfortable in the space! Once we have connected with one another, we dive into the topic for the workshop. The goal for the in-person workshops in Jacksonville is for the attendees to leave with actionable items they can implement to help them elevate their businesses. Some of my students have already reported back with success stories from implementing items they learned from my workshops. Super excited to see how this local community grows over the next couple years!

Angelica teaching realtors instagram tips

To be a resource to other photographers

As a photography business coach, I bring specialized knowledge and experience in running a successful photography business. My insights, strategies, and practical advice helps other photographers navigate challenges and make informed decisions. I want photographers to learn from my mistakes. The common trend I noticed among photographers is that they are great creative artists. But when it comes to running a sustainable and profitable business, that is non-existent for them.

I love helping photographers define their business goals and develop a clear roadmap. I become an accountable partner for my students to keep them on track and motivated to accomplish their goals. As your photography business coach, I can also help identify and overcome obstacles that may be hindering business growth.

I wish I had learned the value of investing in education and how that can take your photography business to the next level. While hiring a coach requires financial investment, my guidance and support can ultimately lead to improved business performance, increased profitability, and a higher return on investment. As a coach, I want photographers to make strategic decisions that maximize their earning potential and long-term success. At the end of the day, our photography business is paying the bills and providing for our home and family. It’s important that we build a business that will help us build the life we desire!

What to Expect from My Business Coach & Education Side?

At Angelica Pompy Education, you can find resources, tools, and education for photographers that want to learn how to build a profitable business and create a brand that stands out. I will offer one-on-one coaching, free guides, e-courses, and blog posts with actionable steps you can take in your photography business. I’m the type of photography coach who walks the walk, as I am actively running my 6 figure photography business. But now I would love to hear from you! Tell me in the comments what one challenge you are currently facing in your photography business.

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