The photography world will always be highly saturated with photographers. You can either let that intimidate you, or you can choose to push your business and client experience to the next level – no matter how long or short you’ve been in the game.

It's time to stand out in the sea of Jacksonville photographers, Queen! When you join my mentorship program, we’ll find your voice, define your brand, build your knowledge, craft your specific client experience, and take your images to the next level. 


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You create a client experience that will take your brand to new crazy, exciting heights

You want to learn 6-figure strategies and tactics to scale your photography business

You want to start earning more revenue with higher profits

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You already run a well-oiled machine with seemless workflows, 100% reply rate, and no room for improvement

You want to stay a side hustler or hobby photographer forever (no judgement here, Queen!)

You already attract & book clients with ease become the CEO of your biz

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Whether you’re looking to test-drive a mentorship with me or you just have some burning questions that don’t require the Whole Shabang, my Photographer’s Happy Hours are for you! Let’s dive into two topics of your choice over coffee or cocktails. I’m happy to be an open book, give feedback, or help you nail down your packages and product pricing.

My happy hours are for the photographers who almost have it all figured out. You just need a few ah-ha moments to reach the breakthroughs you desire.

Photographer’s Happy Hour 



Investment: $450

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We’ll meet in-person in my Jacksonville, FL studio or via Zoom - your choice. Bring your questions and let’s share screens, so I can walk you through my processes. Once our mini mentorship session is through, we’ll be back in touch within a month to follow up on how you implemented what we went over.

This 3-hour mini mentorship is for the boss babe who needs more help on the business of owning a photography business! It’s my most popular photography mentorship, hands down!

Goal Digger Mini Mentorship

Investment: $750

Photographer business coaching

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Nothing is off the table with this session, you can ask anything + everything! I’m an open book to you, Queen! You choose what we focus on. This mentoring session includes lots of coffee, mimosas, tons of feedback, and lots of laughs. Oh, and the tangible part of the session includes an 8-hour online coaching session that includes a one-hour styled shoot and a 30-minute follow up call.

This is an all-encompassing coaching session that will cover everything I do from start to finish. From attracting + booking my dream clients, to shooting, to the final delivery of images + getting featured. 

The Whole Shabang

Investment: $2,500

1:1 coaching with styled shoot

ALicia | Motherhood Photographer

"I can't thank you enough for the invaluable mentoring session..."

"Your expertise, guidance, and genuine commitment to helping photographers succeed are truly praiseworthy. I wholeheartedly recommend your mentoring services to anyone seeking to enhance their photography business and take it to new heights. Thank you once again for your outstanding service, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again in the future."

Madeline | Family & newborn Photographer

"My business needed serious help when it came to automizing my workflow."

"Angelica helped me organize my inquiries and leads, showed me how to create an automatic workflow that will allow me to hire a team, and took my client experience to the next level."

Amanda | wedding Photographer

"I recently had a 1 on 1 mentor session with the QUEEN herself!!!"

I cannot put a price on the knowledge, sources, but most of all the CONFIDENCE I need to push my business to the next level. I have been in business for 10 years now and just felt like I wasnt giving my clients the experience they deserve. We went over client experience, tools for a better work flow and so much more. I have started implementing the things in my business and am already seeing a difference.

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5 Mistakes you're making as a photographer

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