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The Quarterly Content Planner offers a step-by-step system to plan and creation content in advance. Improving your strategy + leads.

The Quarterly Content Planner


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Learn how to show up genuinely and attract your ideal customers, turning potential leads into loyal clients.  With the strategies and confidence needed to build meaningful connections and increase your revenue.

Confidence to Cash: unlock the power of Authentically


1 on 1 coaching with Angelica

  • The Whole Shebang: Full Day Coaching
  • Goal Digger: 3 Hour Coaching
  • Happy Hour: One Hour Coaching

It's time to stand out in the sea of photographers, Queen! When you join my mentorship program, we’ll find your voice, define your brand, build your knowledge, craft your specific client experience, and take your images to the next level. 

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Kylie | Couples Photographer

"After just two workshops, I made serious gains with marketing strategy and booked four sessions directly from Instagram! Can't wait to learn more!"

Amber | Lifestyle Photographer

"Her 1-on-1 was absolutely so helpful for me to understanding where I am sitting right now and where I can be in my business with growth! "

LisseTTe | web Designer

" I've tried several project management tools and it always felt overwhelming. The simplicity of her planner makes it easy to plan content for each quarter in a sustainable way."

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I'm Angelica Pompy

I'm a photographer, business coach, speaker, wife, and dog mom. I can also be your biggest cheerleader. Let's turn your photography dreams into a fierce and profitable reality!