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It's not just you! I have been there, I feel for you, and here's a secret - even though I've built a community that keeps me booked, some days I still feel like I have no idea what I'm doing. It took me way too long to realize there’s an actual formula for photographers to show up and market in a way that makes clients start coming to you. 

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Starting a photography business can be as frustrating as it is exciting. I had no idea what I was doing when I got started, but now it’s my mission to make sure you never feel that way. Explore all the strategies that got me to 6-figures and beyond, or work with me one-on-one.

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There’s never been a better time to be a photographer. How many other jobs let you set your own hours, your own income, and even your own travel schedule? The catch is, it ain’t always easy! You have to learn how to create a brand that draws people in until they’re the ones chasing you down to work with you. That’s how I went from making $10 an hour at a chain studio to creating my own multiple 6-figure maternity and boudoir photography studio. 

Think of me as your charcuterie lovin’ cheerleader - here to lift you up into the business badass you were meant to be!

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Gain the confidence to show up and win more clients from social media

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Get your time back by implementing automation and workflows

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Create more marketing impact in less time 

Learn how to give your clients a better client experience that leaves them raving about you

Start getting thoughtful client reviews that provoke potential clients to inquire 

Monkesha | Portrait Photographer 

"If you want a mentor session, I would say jump on it. She’s not only the Yasss Queen for her clients but for her mentees too."

During our mentor session, we talked about all things business and she was extremely open and willing to show everything. One thing that we focused on was booking more clients and pricing. Since our mentor session, I have doubled the prices of my sessions, and seen an increase in my revenue. I couldn’t be happier to have a boss babe like her in my corner.  

Kylie | Couples Photographer 

"Angelica’s workshops have been business bloomers for me!"

As a new photographer, the idea of not only running the back end of my business but optimizing all my tools to work FOR me was so intimidating. After just two workshops, I made serious gains with marketing strategy and booked four sessions directly from Instagram! Angelica’s community-over-competition culture, magnetic vibes, and wealth of knowledge make her an asset for any creative looking to grow their business and thrive!

Maria | Elopement Photographer

"Angelica’s mentoring session is such a valuable investment, and it pays itself as I get more inquiries and successful bookings by applying everything I learned."

Saying that I highly recommend Angelica of Pompy Portraits is an understatement. I had the honor to have a mentoring session with Angelica, and it was life-changing. She not only listened to my struggles but also sat next to me as I talked to a client on the phone and took notes on topics I could improve. 

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Ever feel like you're doing all the things right but not making any traction?  You might be making these money-blocking mistakes.  Grab my e-book on the 5 common mistakes I see photographers making and how to unblock your success!

5 Mistakes you're making as a photographer

unlock your roadblocks

Ever opened up social media and realized you haven't posted for a week? Maybe your bigger struggle is constantly thinking of what to post each day or what to post to align with your sales goals. Girl, same! I used to get so behind on posting that my inquiries would dry up.  I needed to get organized.

That's why I created the Quarterly Content Planner to keep my life on track. Complete game-changer! Staying on top of what and when to post has turned my socials to a predictable stream of inquiries. Plus, it lets you plan ahead for specific sales goals and launches, so you never find yourself forgetting to post again. 

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Consider the quarterly content planner your lifeline and my secret to consistent Instagram inquiries. 

Content calendar for creatives

We're here to help people savor the sweet moments in their lives. That doesn't mean your life needs to be stuck behind the lens, living shoot to shoot. Let's make you shine on social media, so you can get booked out and fuel your own sweet moments.

It's time to build a business that lights you all the way up!

Looking  to grow your photography business, learn simple cash injections, or create content that has clients knocking down your door? Maybe you just want to see someone else twerking behind the camera to know it's not just you! If so,  grab your popcorn, and go behind the scenes every week as I run my multi-6-figure photography studio. Snatch up my secrets to connecting with clients, planning content, and more. 

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Girl, I soaked up everything I could too! Join hundreds of other photographers who get freebies, actionable tips, and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks at how I started, grew, and now run a multi-6 figure photography business (and studio!). Let’s make this inbox official.

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Let's lay it all out! Tune in monthly to my live photography workshops or join me on stage at upcoming conferences. Each month I'll teach you a different skill needed to  level-up your photography business.

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July 19th @ 6pm
Tips on hosting Profitable minis

August 16th @ 6pm
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I'm a photographer, business coach, speaker, wife, and dog mom. I can also be your biggest cheerleader. Let's turn your photography dreams into a fierce and profitable reality!