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Wish you could make more money running mini sessions? Take hold of your income and steal my 3 secrets to sold out, profitable mini sessions!


Thinking of switching your CRM to Sprout Studio? Dig into why I made the switch from Dubsado to Sprout Studio, plus my thoughts after 6 months using it for my photography business and studio.

Dubsado vs Sprout Studio

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Ever feel like you're doing all the things right but not making any traction?  You might be making these money-blocking mistakes.  Grab my e-book on the 5 common mistakes I see photographers making and how to unblock your success!

5 Mistakes you're making as a photographer

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Looking  to grow your photography business, learn simple cash injections, or create content that has clients knocking down your door? Maybe you just want to see someone else twerking behind the camera to know it's not just you! If so,  grab your popcorn, and go behind the scenes every week as I run my multi-6-figure photography studio. Snatch up my secrets to connecting with clients, planning content, and more. 

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June 21st @ 6pm
Launch Party + Networking Event

Let's lay it all out! Tune in monthly to my live photography workshops or join me on stage at upcoming conferences. Each month I'll teach you a different skill needed to  level-up your photography business.

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July 19th @ 6pm
Tips on hosting Profitable minis

August 16th @ 6pm
How to grow an email list

Girl, I soaked up everything I could too! Join hundreds of other photographers who get freebies, actionable tips, and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks at how I started, grew, and now run a multi-6 figure photography business (and studio!). Let’s make this inbox official.

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5 steps to a more confident, in-control mindset

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I'm Angelica Pompy

I'm a photographer, business coach, speaker, wife, and dog mom. I can also be your biggest cheerleader. Let's turn your photography dreams into a fierce and profitable reality!