How to get photography client reviews

Photographer’s Guide: How to Get Client Reviews

Getting reviews is a powerful tool to grow your photography business. The problem is that getting reviews can be hard, and knowing the best way to collect reviews can be even more confusing. Thankfully, I learned a few tricks that have landed me over 167 reviews. 

So let’s clear things up! Consider this your guide to getting great reviews from photography clients.

How to get photography client reviews

But First…A Word on “Why”

Before we dig in I wanted to cover why reviews are important, for new photographers. (Iykyk and skip to the next section!) Think back to the last time you were scrolling Amazon, window shopping for a new lens or a new camera bag. Did you look at how many stars the bags had? Did you read the views to see the quality of photos other photographers took with that lens? Of course, you did! You’re not about to waste money on junk!

The same way we feel about buying new lenses on Amazon is how clients feel about buying you services. They want to know you have a great product before spending their dollars. Having a lot of high-quality reviews tells people a lot about you before you even meet.

How Do You Collect Reviews?

Google is where you need to be collecting reviews for your photography business, especially if you work with clients locally. For one, Google has made it easy for you and your clients. You get a single link to send clients, and then when they click it – they see a box and stars. Click a star rating and write your review in the box. It’s that simple. The other reason why you should choose Google is because it helps your search engine optimization (SEO). 

The only exception to this is for wedding photographers. You should still prioritize Google reviews, but you should also try to get reviews on websites like The Knot or Wedding Wire. They have a ton of brides who use those sites to find their photographer. The more reviews you have the more your profile gets pushed. So, if your ideal client uses those websites it’s good to get a constant stream of reviews on there too.

When Should You Ask For A Review from Photography Clients?

The best time to ask for a review is when your client is on cloud nine. Aka, when they see how good their photos look! How you do it will depend on if you’re doing IPS (in-person sales) or not. Here are a few tips:

In Person (IPS)

Most people will say yes if you ask them to leave a review in person. If you do IPS, take advantage of this! Ask for a review at the reveal/ordering appointment. Have a QR code ready on your phone or in your office. While you’re at it, you can also ask to grab a quick video testimonial or film their reveal entirely. Seeing someone’s authentic reaction is a review too. (Maybe even a stronger review than a written one.) You can post the videos on your Instagram Stories or your website.

Add It To Your Workflow

You know I love a good workflow! Having a review request email in your workflow is a great idea for both IPS photographers and non-IPS. Just pop it in there a day or two after they get their gallery. The sooner the better! Chances are, your client will still be on cloud nine. Not sure what to say in your email? You can steal my exact review request email, and 17 of my best email templates, already written for you here.

Asking Past Photography Clients for Reviews

Ok, let’s say you’re getting serious about getting reviews today. It’s ok to ask your past clients to review you. In fact, it’s a great idea because you could get tons of reviews quickly. Go ahead and write up an email asking for a review. (Don’t forget the link!) Send the same email to all your past clients. I’ve done this and you will be shocked how many will still jump at the chance to sing your praises.

What To Do Once You Have Them

Once reviews start trickling in, you can start using them in your content plan. Add the best reviews to your website, to your proposals, and post them on social media. I like to put them in my Instagram Stories, so I can add them to a Highlight. That way my reviews are one of the first things people see when they land on my profile. 

But here’s my secret hack – if you’re going to post a review to social media, include your client’s photo and tag them. They’ll love seeing it and share it with their audience. Then BAM, not only did you get a review but they also shouted you out to their entire following. 

That’s word of mouth at work.

How to get Photography Client Reviews
Photography Client Reviews

Prioritizing Reviews is a Must

There are so many things you could, and should, do to grow your photography business. Asking for a review is a low-effort task with endless value. I can’t tell you how many people saw a review of my business that I posted to social media before reaching out. And I’m not special! I’ve given you all my secrets. You even know my post-review Stories hack! Now, it’s your turn to go out and start collecting them for yourself!

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