Boudoir Poses for all body types | boudoir on a Bed

Boudoir Photo Poses For All Body Types

Do you know the key difference between ok boudoir photos and great photos? Knowing how to guide clients with boudoir poses for all body types! It’s the one thing that can take you from:

“Wow, this is great.”


Your client bursting into tears at finally seeing the woman she always wanted to see in the mirror. 

I can’t even describe it. If you know that feeling, you know! It’s why I focus on helping women celebrate themselves through photography. But, posing can be a huge elephant standing between that first reaction and the second. Even successful photographers often struggle to master boudoir posing! The combination of the client’s vulnerability, angles, and full-body posing makes it hard to get each detail just right. 

If you’re considering boudoir or trying to improve, keep scrolling! I’ve got two resources you can scoop up. But first…the big D word…

Boudoir Posing is More Detail Oriented

If you’re new you may not have figured it out yet. Boudoir posing is very different from other photography genres. (Not necessarily harder, but different!) One reason is that there’s less clothing to hide behind, and what’s exposed must be posed. In other genres, you can get away with a lazy knee or not pushing the ribs out because no one’s going to see them.

Not with boudoir, girl!

Details matter. You have to learn to pose the whole body – head to ribs, knees to toes! Boudoir photography requires more emphasis on shadows, more lighting considerations, and (if you can believe it) more angles. You have to be able to identify what your client’s best, and favorite, features are about themselves to ensure they stand out. That includes how to master all of these with women of all body types.

Know the Best Boudoir Poses for All Body Types

It can be a lot to master. About a year ago I wrote a blog post on the 10 Best Boudoir Poses For Women on my photography site. Each pose came with written and video tutorials. It was a hit! The feedback made me realize that many new boudoir photographers struggle to know the best poses for all body types. 

We all want to make clients look flattering. To do that we need to hone in on our skills. That starts with understanding the most common stations and learning to work the angles around that.

Common Boudoir Photo Positions to Play With:

Boudoir Poses on The Bed

Boudoir pose on bed
Photography poses on the bed
Plus Size Boudoir Poses

The Velvet Couch Poses

Boudoir Posing Ideas on Velvet Couch
Velvet Couch Boudoir Pose
Photography Poses on Couch

The Beach Boudoir Photo Poses


The Peach Poses


Standing Up Poses

Boudoir Photo Poses for Black Women
Florida Plus Size Boudoir Photographer for Black Women

There are a hundred variations of each and more. But mastering these will help you grow into more creative and complicated poses. 

Boudoir Photographers Need to Invest in Posing Education

Because this stuff ain’t easy! It takes practice to learn to pose for boudoir. Very few people can pick up a camera and get it right the first time. (Even if they’re already good at other genres.) Heck, I’m 10 years into my photography career and I still feel like I learn new poses every day!

The point is, women turn to boudoir photo sessions to celebrate their bodies. And most have NO idea how to do that. It’s our job to gently and empathetically guide them into the best poses for their body. 

Check out that blog post for full tutorials on 10 more boudoir poses to have in your little black book.

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